Principles of Leading An Effective Prayer Meeting


Prayer meeting is an avenue for people with a burden or passion, gathering together with the aim to make uproar to the lord for a particular purpose(s). prayer meeting is meeting of people to speak to God from the heart. It is the communion of the soul between the people and God.

The aim of prayer meeting is to meet either corporate or single purpose.


  1. The word of God: Any prayer meeting that will be effective, the word of God will be the basis of the prayers. Scriptural praying has been said to be the most effective, means of prayer.
  2. Burden, auction, utterance and anointing: the person that will lead prayer meeting must have burden on that thing, auction, utterance and the anointing must also be there to affect the people’s heart.
  3. There must be a focus of everyone on God with the heart. Jeremiah 29 v 12 -13. The person leading the meeting must lead the people to be focused on God. Their attention must not be carried away.
  4. Relevant spiritual songs Eph 5 v 19 – for most effective prayer meetings the place of relevant spiritual songs cannot be overlooked. These songs stirs up the spirit of the people to pray and those that are down the spirit before caught up in the process of the prayer meetings. Spiritual songs makes connection to the throne of grace an easy thing. The spiritual songs that will be sang in every prayer meeting should be relevant; the spiritual song should go along with the prayer meeting or the prayer points as the case may be.


A definite location and period

Acts 12 v 12, 16 v 25.

There should be a specific location, place and time schedule for prayer meeting.








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